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About Us

Good Flow Honey Co. is a family business with three generations currently involved. We started in the 1970’s with two hives that multiplied into hundreds of hives over the years.


Bee locations have mostly been in and around Austin with some of our best locations given to us by the late, great Papa Max Bachhofen along the IH35 corridor between Austin and New Braunfels.


Back in the 70’s and 80’s sales centered on food buying cooperatives and small health food stores which sprang up around the University of Texas. Our market has expanded over the years but our approach is pretty much the same: good product quality and good, respectful service keep us going.


Our bee yards had their own varieties of flora and nectars which produced the honey (s) we like and crops which usually average over 100 lbs. of honey a hive. Now we’re buying a lot of honey from other beekeepers, and try to stick to varieties with the qualities we like. We are Acacia people; we like the desert brush and tree honeys like Cat Claw, Sage, Huajillo, Vara Dulce, Mesquite and Bee Brush. It’s ironic how such rough land and its flora can produce some of the most delicate, light, thick and frankly, some of the best honey in the world. And no one is spraying it with insecticides or other chemicals! The Wildflower we package comes from a variety of sources. We also have white Clover from Montana, Orange Blossom, Avocado, and Vidrillo (Ice Plant) because they are different, and interesting. We hope you find them enjoyable as well.